For us, the distance is not an impediment. Design and architecture speak the language of good taste, anywhere in the world.

In Iaşi or Bucharest, Romania or abroad, either directly or online, the projects approach are the same, they follow the same steps, reaching the desired result together.

How does a project go with us?

Whether it is the architecture of a building, the setting up of a garden or the interior design of a space, from knowing the beneficiaries to the completion of the project, we will go through all the necessary steps together.

Discover existing preferences and requirements. We translate them harmoniously and balanced into a personalized aesthetic and functional concept. Based on this structure, we build the entire architecture and design project. We set stages of implementation, respecting working deadlines. Choose materials, finishes, or pieces of furniture, fitting into our allocated budget.

How do we work? What is our vision?

From inside to outside! Every project is first seen with the soul and then with the eyes.
We want to reach the finest desires and needs of our clients to bring them to life harmoniously, always exceeding their expectations.

design living modern alb si verde


Design of residential or commercial buildings
Redesign of existing buildings
Authorization of technical documentation

Exterior design


2D / 3D design
Choice of finishes, plants, lighting fixtures, furniture and decorations
Design towers, terraces and swimming pools
Design fences, gates and railings

Interior design

Design counseling
2D / 3D design
Choice of finishes, textiles, lighting fixtures, Furniture and decorations

Object design

2D / 3D design
Ranges and animations

Project management

Project implementation plan
Budgeting plan