The first contact with a building puts its mark on any of us, determining the state we are going to live on. The entrance hall, the reception area and the waiting room are the first steps we make in knowing a space and, implicitly, in building a lasting relationship with that place and the experiences we will experience within it.



yellow reception

The reception, which we present, belongs to one of the newest and most impressive office buildings, located in the heart of Iasi, in an area full of elegance and modernity, at the same time.


The reception area of ​​the young people working in the building, communicating upstairs with a small waiting room, wanted to be a pleasant and airy space with a welcoming air despite the finishing materials chosen – marble, metal and glass, which creates, by their cold nature, an official atmosphere, somewhat more distant.


The sensation of warmth that the whole environment is emanating from the first sight is achieved by the use of warm colors, natural beige, brown or amber tones, woody textures and ornamental plants that complete and vitalize the ensemble.

Desiring a minimum of endowment for the role it performs, the reception is the only piece of furniture designed to fit the ground floor, as a whole with both a functional and a powerful visual impact. The harmonious integration of this element into the interior design was achieved by using the same materials, namely marble and metal, in combination with wood textures, in a bold and attractive interpretation.




waiting area

Also a powerful visual impact has the staircase to the upstairs waiting room, a structure with an airy architecture, designed on a delicate and transparent metallic structure, so as not to offer both common spaces continuity and fluidity.

We all know that the time spent at the office is, very often, higher than what was spent in our homes, a fact that calls on designers to pay more attention to creating welcoming and relaxing workspaces that will increase people’s efficiency by keeping permanently of their state of well-being.


grey couch