Quiet Scandinavian, relaxing and comfortable, enriched with vibrant tones

The calmness and relaxation of the Nordic style is achieved through the composition of decors from many familiar and personal elements, harmoniously integrated into the same space. The chromatic simplicity of the neutral grays and beige tones, specific to this design direction, has been enriched at the desire of recipients with bold accents of yellow, orange and turquoise, creating a vibrant, vibrant and vibrant environment.




A harmonious, warm and friendly day area, where the fireplace becomes the centerpiece of the setting

The basic requirement of this project was the natural integration of the fireplace into the living area of ​​the house and the arrangement of the living room in harmony with the existing kitchen, keeping the same simple and airy appearance. The furniture reduced to minimalist bodies came to support the achievement of the desired atmosphere.
The finishes chosen for furnace plating, the apparent brick applied to the fireplace, together with the comfortable cushion with pastel-colored cushions, designed to prolong it, are designed to remove the living room anonymously. The delicate, semi-opaque, white and turquoise curtains, which allow a pleasant, relaxing, diaphanous light to penetrate into the room, also provide a warm, elegant interior.
By combining practical solutions with technical abilities and aesthetic vision, we managed to achieve a favorable, practical and at the same time achievable result by the beneficiary.