Small space, maximum optimization


Any apartment, small or large, can be functionally designed so that living in it is a pleasure and joy, or, conversely, become inappropriate for living.


A studio apartment where everything was initially  unobtrusive and uncomfortable, after a light breakdown, with custom-made furniture, it has become a space with many separate functions. The area of ​​the vestibule and the storage of outer garments, a kitchen with a dining room and a living room that overnight becomes a discreet and reclining bedroom, all of which have found their place within the same studio, so unfriendly before.

Chromatic and masculine finishes


The personality and preferences of any beneficiary always strike at the finishing and chromatic level, from the very first sight of a space, we can make a general impression about who lives there.


Thus, a man’s home will be dominated by a more serious chroma, in predominantly dark tones, in this case the preference for varied shades of brown is obvious. The alternation between the colors of the earth and the light butter beige makes the whole home a friendly and inviting air, despite the obvious masculine appearance.

The decorative brick used to finish the walls contributes, through chromaticity and texture, to increase the masculine severity and simplicity, also felt through the design of the entire furniture.


“Home” – the feeling behind the pictures

Beyond finding the most efficient space partitioning solution, more than the chromatic and the chosen materials, a designer must succeed in translating inside the created the sense of “home” so different for each client.

design interior

The success or, on the contrary, the failure of a project results precisely from the achievement or not of this subtle atmosphere of familiarity, comfort and well-being that the client can not accurately identify, but he feels like an inner state.