“Home”, the perfect taste of childhood

For each of us, eating home has an unique taste, perhaps because it reminds us of childhood, the years when our mother cared for us, and she was waiting for us with food on the table. The secret ingredient of all delicious meals is, in addition to the use of fresh ingredients, quality, or successful recipes, and in the atmosphere created for their serving. The familiar warmth of the kitchen in our childhood can hardly be evened by a famous restaurant.

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The kitchen from the steakhouse

A store where fresh or semi-prepared meat is marketed can become familiar and friendly by incorporating inside a kitchen area where tasting products can be prepared. What can be more attractive than the cooked food smell, made by your mother at home, in an intimate and relaxing environment? The cold and unattractive steakhouse now welcomes its customers with warmth and savor, as our mother was waiting for us at home in childhood.


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The secret of a successful business

If the secret of a successful recipe consists in the excitement of emotion when we remember the food, in the same way the success of a business is determined by the atmosphere created for its customers, by the state they have as a result of direct interaction. Quality, fresh and natural products, friendly and serviceable interiors, an attractive and welcoming interior are the secret ingredients that transform a simple space into a brand that customers will always remember.