The summer living room becomes the garden, the kitchen and the dining place changes its location in the pavilion, and the children’s room at the playground on to the lawn


In the summer, the entire garden becomes a real area of ​​the day, the activity of all family members is moving to the outside where the sun and the green of nature fills you with energy and optimism. The theme of design was to expose the spaces with specific destinations, respecting the wishes of the whole family, both adults and children.

courtyard place for relaxation

design for gardens

pavilion for gardens

The pavilion, summer or winter, a chance to bring family and friends together

When the beneficiaries like to gather their loved ones beside them, the outdoor arrangement of their home will undoubtedly include spaces suitable for these meetings, regardless of the season. Thus, the pavilion was also thought of for warm periods, with an open large terrace, but also for cold season meetings, giving a generous space to the closed area, like a rustic inspirational living room. Both rooms were equipped with a summer kitchen as well as a barbecue and a brick oven.

pavilion in the courtyard

pavilion with a dining area

kitchen in the pavilion

Soft lawn and a generous playground with climbing wall, a slide and a tree house – the summer dream of any child

Children’s joy can not be ignored in a family that loves time spent with their loved ones. Thus, the outdoors can not omit the area for the small ones, equipped with multiple holiday attractions.

playground for children

playground in the courtyard