Stylish and relaxed atmosphere, even in a medical clinic

The dental and dental offices send us with the thought of very orderly interiors, typical for the spaces with medical purpose and with the smell of drugs and disinfectants. But not this clinic, where the focus was on creating a surprising atmosphere for patients to make them forget where they are.

black reception

waiting area

Precision and art, imagination and technology

Dentistry and dental technology resemble interior design just by focusing on detail and focus on aesthetic value. Thus, the space meant to accommodate these activities was designed to serve mainly its functionality, ensuring fluency and efficiency of the workflow, without departing from the aesthetic requirements demanded by the beneficiary.

red waiting area with chair

red reception

red reception

Gray and golden accents of black or white with gray, enriched with burgundy?

A two-level house, a clinic with two specialties, implicitly a two-chrome design. The customer’s desire to provide its customers with a stylish ambience from the very first steps has led to the emergence of a hotel-like reception concept, paying attention to design details. Lighting fixtures, finishes and materials used, furniture pieces or decorative elements created specifically for this arrangement have been carefully chosen, respecting the design and chromatic theme of each level of the clinic.

livingroom design

modern office and chair

home office shelf

Abstract art in classical elegance

The beneficiary’s preference for classical interiors has, in this project, brought a balance between the cabinet’s standard medical appearance and the relaxed elegance of common areas (waiting rooms for patients, non-medical offices, and relaxation areas for staff).
His passion for abstract art spiced uniformly the entire arrangement with custom-made paintings in the chrome chosen for each area of ​​interest, dimensioned with respect to the artistic proportions and carefully harmonized as well as composition with the rest of the arrangement.

green office kitchen