Being together is a beginning, staying together is a breakthrough, working together is a success.

In many cultures, the bee has a symbol of positive excellence, being associated with fundamental traits for a team, such as discipline, work diligence, good organization and perseverance.

pattern design

Honey bee is thus the perfect example for quality production, both individually and in team, becoming a source of inspiration for us in setting up an office space for an IT company.

Design solution – Explaining the honey bee concept in hexagonal shapes like a honeycomb in the color palette chosen by the company for the logo.

The unanimous desire of the designers and beneficiaries of this bold project was to create an atmosphere that inspires teamwork and suggests efficiency, creativity and productivity. And all these requirements are met in a dynamic, cheerful and lively manner.

The solution came with bringing the natural elements inside the office space, a bit cold, dark and not very friendly, both by the visual suggestion of a hump full of buzz, buzz and sweetness, and by the use of natural materials almost in their raw state – wood and plants.

office kitchen design

office area


Starting from the colors chosen by the company for the logo, black and orange, I chose the color palette so that these nuances naturally complement the space and harmonize with the embedded natural elements. The orange symbolizes energy, vitality and adventure, while black is the bearer of a message of authority, power and professionalism. The green lichen stabilized in combination with natural wood beige chromatically complements the interior through the revitalizing contribution of the natural as a whole, symbolizing the revival, renewal and revitalization.

logo source task