At our headquarters, over time, there have been many customers who have already begun an interior design and who have been stuck in a certain stage, unaware of how to continue the arrangement as a chromatic line or design, or how to fixes some mistakes and decisions taken in haste or unknowingly. These are, unfortunately, the unfortunate situations in which customers make the decision to consult with a design and interior design firm at times when our craftsmanship, creativity and knowledge can not be fully exploited. To fix something mistaken from the very beginning, to strive to harmonize a less happy combination of colors, materials or shapes does not mean that we will really make interior design. Perhaps a crisis management in interior design would be more appropriate as a designation. And, of course, the result can not be the same as the one obtained by the beneficiaries if they have called from the beginning to specialists.

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Today, we set out to create a parallel between the same space, the same arrangement and the same beneficiaries, but in two completely different scenarios.

A. Design based on an interior design project and in collaboration with a specialized firm versus
B. Customization done on your own

1. The first obvious difference is the time and status of recipients when they appeal to designers.
2. When you start on an unknown road you feel safer and you are more comfortable when you have a guide that has traveled along the same paths.
3. But to realize at some point that you have lost somewhere along the way, and that you are alone on a completely unknown terrain, it can only create a state of profound unease until panic and despair.
4. When things are not done in a hurry and the design part is given sufficient time for both aesthetic and functional analysis, it is natural to make the best decisions for the beneficiaries, to make a strategy for the implementation of the project phases, and a more efficient budget. If the designer’s call is made in a hurry, determined by the urgent need for a saving solution, and the variant offered by them will be done in a rush, being just a better solution to the existing problem and not an interior design project.
5. The big problem of self-made arrangements, without any predefined project, is budgetmanagement. Most of the time, too much chewing is done at the beginning, making it difficult or even impossible to complete the work. When the fitting is implemented according to stage and budget planning, elaborated on the basis of the interior design project, when all the aesthetic, functional and financial aspects have been balanced step by step, the finishing of the arrangement is a real joy for both the beneficiaries and the we designers.
6. The aesthetic result will be another factor of differentiation between the two categories of fittings. A 3D color project, in which each item has been carefully selected and harmonized, will have a slanting, tied and elegant look that can call the ultimate interior design result.
If the beneficiaries choose the decorative elements themselves, disparagingly, either by financial criteria or by the likes and preferences of each, at the end they will have a mixed arrangement, a combination of styles and colors, more or less inspired.



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