Children are the most important members of the family, whom we want to know happy and for whom we, parents, are able to do everything they need to ensure a harmonious and balanced development.

The setting up of children’s chambers raises multiple problems and differs slightly from the rest of the rooms because they are multifunctional spaces because of the fact that for them the same room is a bedroom, office and study space, a living room with a playground and sometimes even and a dining space.

The children’s rooms are both a bedroom, office and study space, living room with playground and sometimes even dining room
Their evolution and development are very dynamic until the age of adolescence, passing rapidly from one stage to another, implicitly the space allocated to children will be constantly transformed.

If initially, the baby’s space needs are reduced, things get complicated during the kindergarten.
If in the early years of life the baby’s room needs a special small couch with a swirling area, but also a sofa bed for a parent or nursery, to which we add a storage area for clothes and other accessories during the kindergarten, things are getting complicated.

There is now a need for a larger area designed exclusively for the various educational and recreational activities of the child, drawing, painting, writing or other projects involving the need for space, easy-to-clean surfaces, and new storage areas for crayons, pens, glue and other utensils or exposure to “projects” made by him. The baby crib also disappears and one can choose to keep the sofa extensible or replace it with a single bed, with a width of between 1 m and 1,4 m, depending on the size of the room. Our recommendation is to take into account the needs of the child at this early age, sleep some nights with an adult or another child of his or her age. The more versatile the initial setup, the more you will be relieved of unnecessary financial distress and effort. Until school age, most children perform their activities more on the floor than on the specially arranged table. Therefore, it is recommended that in any child’s room there is as much space as possible in which to carry out all kinds of activities, whether they are dancing or unfurling their new lego or puzzle

Equally important is the organization of storage space, which is more and more useful with the growth of the child and the amount of work required both daily and periodically. And here we refer to spaces for clothes, shoes, games, toys, books, notebooks, stationery and other articles for study, hobby or relaxation.

chidrens room


Starting with the school stage, children’s chambers will be reconfigured according to their current space needs.

With the start of the school, children’s activities are undergoing a reconfiguration period, which will also be projected into the organization of the functions in their room adapted to the needs of the present. The study will reduce play time, toys will be replaced with games appropriate to school age, sports and other creative occupations will take up free time. The office, library and storage facilities for books and stationery will occupy more space than before, lighting this area is very important because the child will spend a lot of time with educational activities. And the seat on the desk when writing should be chosen carefully, depending on height and ergonomics, so that it does not generate further problems in its physical development.

The adolescent stage generates new room changes, especially for aesthetic, style, chromatic, and ambient considerations.
The adolescent stage will generate the last significant reorganization of the space, this time more on aesthetic considerations, the suitability of the interior with the personality of the young person in the making. At this stage, the adolescent expresses his style, chromatic and ambient preferences. The playground will be completely replaced by areas suitable for various recreational activities and passions. Clothes, shoes, and accessories will now occupy a much more important place in the young man’s life, implicitly a more generous space in his room. If girls are required to create specially designed places for care, makeup and styling, the boys will require space for a computer and a video game console. The existence of a television in the adolescent room is a subject that remains at the discretion of each family, its positioning, however, being important in the reorganization of the interior.

It is time for each parent to understand that, just as his own dwelling is arranged according to his tastes and preferences, the adolescent’s room becomes his personal space, in which he has the right to feel himself at home. Most of the time, his vision of this space, very different from the parent, is the personality and passion that defines him, stimulates his creativity and gives him physical and emotional comfort.

Smarter, more intelligent children, with even smarter parents, who choose versatile and adaptable furniture variants for as many steps as possible to raise the baby.

As a conclusion of this age-old perimeter, our recommendation as architects and interior designers is the choice of versatile, transformable and adaptable furniture throughout as many child-raising stages as possible the financial impact of these transformations.
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